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    Kidney Care ESCO

    An ESRD Seamless Care Organization

ESCOs: A Way to Better Coordinate Patient Health Care

The Phoenix-Tuscon Integrated Kidney Care ESCO is an ESRD Seamless Care Organization (ESCO) in the Medicare Comprehensive ESRD Care model. An ESCO is a group of dialysis facilities, nephrologists, and other health care providers working together with Medicare to coordinate and improve the quality of care for patients.

We're Working to Improve Patient Care

The goal of an ESCO is for dialysis facilities, nephrologists, and other health care providers to communicate closely with other health care providers, so they can deliver high-quality care that meets the individual needs and preferences of the patient.

Phoenix-Tucson Integrated Kidney Care ESCO Benefits

Patients, physicians and payors all benefit from ESCO’s integrated care management approach:

  • A specially trained nurse working with the Phoenix-Tucson Integrated Kidney Care ESCO member, family, dialysis team, doctors and care partners.
  • Coordinated support both inside and outside of the dialysis center to help the member better understand and manage their ESRD.
  • Nursing team available 24 hours a day/7 days a week at no additional charge to members.
  • Patients have the right to use any dialysis facility, provider or hospital that accepts Medicare, at any time.
  • Medicare benefits will not change. An ESCO is not a Medicare Advantage plan, a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) plan, or an insurance plan of any kind.

Meet the ESCO Team

Phoenix-Tucson Integrated Kidney Care ESCO
2000 16th Street
Denver, CO 80202

Primary Contact
Mark Reiland, Director-Operations, DaVita Integrated Kidney Care

About Your ESCO

Clinical and Administrative Leadership

  • Mike Staffieri, President, DaVita Inc.
  • Nathan Lohmeyer, Vice President, DaVita Integrated Kidney Care
  • Eric Franco, Treasurer and Finance and Reporting Officer, DaVita Integrated Kidney Care
  • Mark Reiland, Secretary, Integrated Kidney Care
  • Rajiv Poduval, M.D., Nephrologist Representative, Southwest Kidney Institute PLC
  • Brett Lindenfeld, Compliance Officer, DaVita Inc.
  • Sean Graham, Dialysis Center Operations Officer, DaVita Inc.
  • Sean Best, Information Technology Officer, DaVita Inc.
  • Chuck Lehn, Health System Representative, Banner Health

ESCO Participants

Participants in the Phoenix-Tucson Integrated Kidney Care ESCO include:

Health System

Banner Health

  • Banner Baywood Medical Center
  • Banner Boswell Medical Center
  • Banner Del E. Webb Medical Center
  • Banner Desert Medical Center
  • Banner Estrella Medical Center
  • Banner Gateway Medical Center
  • Banner University Medical Center Phoenix
  • Banner Thunderbird Medical Center
  • Banner Ironwood Medical Center
Dialysis Providers

DaVita, Inc

  • Desert Mountain Dialysis
  • Papago Dialysis Center
  • Tucson East At Home
  • Tucson East Dialysis
  • Tucson South Central Dialysis
  • Tucson South Dialysis

Nephrologists Group

Southwest Kidney Institute

  • Amandeep Khurana
  • Amir Gerges
  • Ankur Patel
  • Anup Rai
  • Asan Ariff
  • Aslam Pervez
  • Berne Yee
  • Bindu Jayavelu
  • Clyde Mendonca
  • Randy Cooper
  • Rajiv Poduval
  • Richard Flick
  • PLC
  • Robert Cohen
  • Ronald Hyde
  • Sandip Patel
  • Sarabjit Bhalla
  • Shailesh Patel
  • Shefali Gupta
  • Stephen Schinker
  • Teh-Li Huo
  • Theodore Tzeremas
  • Umar Waheed
  • Vasudevan Nair
  • Yun Chong
  • Mario Torres
  • Melissa Go
  • Mindy Jan
  • Mohammed Sikder
  • Nandini Sharma
  • Paul Lui
  • Paul Walshaw
  • Pradeep Mehra
  • Cory Kempton
  • Daniel Castro-Pereira
  • Divya Malladi
  • Donn Hogan
  • Ebie Varghese
  • Edward Park
  • Firas Marayati
  • Fredrick Osorio
  • Gabriel El-Kass
  • Gurdev Singh
  • Himabindu Chaparala
  • Jeffrey Laiserin
  • Kariappa Appachu
  • Luyi De Prada
  • Mandip Kang
  • Marc Olivier

Joint Venture Dialysis Provider

Barton Dialysis, LLCs

  • Tucson Central Dialysis

Desert Rocks Dialysis, LLC

  • Sweetwater Ridge Dialysis

Grand Home Dialysis, LLC

  • Grand at Home
  • Grand at Home Dialysis Pd/Hhd

Northwest Tucson Dialysis, LLC

  • Northwest Tucson Dialysis


  • Phoenix Home Dialysis

Southwest Kidney-DaVita Dialysis Partners, LLC

  • Brookwood Dialysis Center
  • Central Mesa Dialysis Center
  • Estrella Dialysis Center
  • Estrella Dialysis Center PD
  • Fountain Hill Dialysis
  • Gilbert Dialysis Center
  • Maryvale Dialysis Center
  • Mountain Vista Dialysis Center
  • Ocotillo Dialysis
  • Phoenix Dialysis Center
  • Power Road Dialysis PD
  • Raven Dialysis Center
  • Wickenburg Dialysis

Sun City Dialysis Center, LLC

  • Palm Brook Dialysis Center

Sun City West Dialysis Center, LLC

  • Westbrook Dialysis

Sun Desert Dialysis Center, LLC

  • Desert Dialysis

Governing Body

Governing body members of the Phoenix-Tucson Integrated Kidney Care ESCO:

  • Rajiv Poduval, M.D., Governing Director, Southwest Kidney Institute PLC
  • Gurdev Singh, M.D., Governing Director, Southwest Kidney Institute PLC
  • Chuck Lehn, Governing Body Member, Banner Health
  • Mark Reiland, Governing Director, DaVita Integrated Kidney Care
  • Sean Graham, Governing Director, DaVita Inc
  • James Ivie, Governing Director, National Kidney Foundation

Shared Savings

For nearly two decades, DaVita has invested, and continues to invest, in building the infrastructure and capabilities to holistically care for ESRD (End Stage Renal Disease) and CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease) beneficiaries. Our goal is to prepare for a future when integrated care is available to all patients. The ESCOs (ESRD Seamless Care Organizations) are one vehicle in which DaVita provides integrated care to our patients.

Amount of Shared Savings/Shared Losses

Performance Year 1 $1,840,316.00
Performance Year 2 TBD (2018)
Performance Year 3 TBD (2019)

As a participant in CMS’s (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services) Comprehensive ESRD Care (CEC) Model, the Phoenix-Tucson ESCO is a joint venture comprised of dialysis facilities and nephrologists. The Phoenix-Tucson ESCO achieved more than $1.8M in shared savings in Performance Year 1, which ran from October 2015 through December 2016. The Phoenix-Tucson ESCO returned 100% of the shared savings that it earned to its participant owners, who, in turn, used a portion of those savings to recoup their upfront financial investments in the ESCO venture, including infrastructure for Performance Year 1 and future years. The ESCO participants elected to reinvest any remaining surplus shared savings into redesigned care processes to support ESRD Medicare beneficiaries who are aligned to the ESCO.

As ESCO shared savings continue to grow, and the need for investment declines, the ESCO anticipates that participant owners will be able to retain a larger portion of shared savings in future performance years.[i]

[i] This statement is based on estimates only and may not reflect the actual performance of the ESCO model; interventions involve multiple activities that could cause actual performance results to differ materially from the outcome estimates.

Quality Measures

For performance year 1, all quality measures were in pay-for-reporting status. the Phoenix-Tucson ESCO successfully reported on all ESCO quality measures for a total quality score (tqs) of 100%.

Patient Safety

Measure Title  ESCO Performance Rate Mean Performance Rate for ALL ESCOs
Standardized Mortality Ratio 1.079 0.923
Falls: Screening 0.684 0.856
Falls: Risk Assessment 0.961 0.997
Falls: Plan of Care 0.000 0.072

Person- and Caregiver-Centered Experience and Outcomes

Measure Title  ESCO Performance Rate Mean Performance Rate for ALL ESCOs
Advance Care Plan 0.589 0.842
ICH CAHPS: Nephrologists' Communication and Caring 0.654 0.678
ICH CAHPS: Providing Information to Patients 0.817 0.787
ICH CAHPS: Dialysis Center Care and Operations 0.630 0.609
ICH CAHPS: Rating of Kidney Doctors 0.568 0.596
ICH CAHPS: Rating of Dialysis Center Staff 0.659 0.595
ICH CAHPS: Rating of Dialysis Center 0.730 0.647

Communication and Care Coordination

Measure Title  ESCO Performance Rate  Mean Performance Rate for ALL ESCOs 
Medication Reconciliation Post Discharge 0.487 0.469

Clinical Quality of Care

Measure Title  ESCO Performance Rate Mean Performance Rate for ALL ESCOs
Diabetes Care: Eye Exam 0.016 0.040
Diabetes Care: Foot Exam 0.020 0.603

Population Health

Measure Title ESCO Performance Rate Mean Performance Rate for ALL ESCOs
Influenza Immunization in the ESRD Population 0.752 0.713
Pneumococcal Vaccination Status 0.499 0.437
Screening for Clinical Depression and Follow-Up Plan 0.603 0.728
Tobacco Use: Screening and Cessation Intervention 0.681 0.748


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